ARL sold to Intertek

PerkinElmer’s Fluid Sciences Division has reached an agreement to sell its Automotive Research Laboratory (ARL) to Intertek Caleb Brett, a division of Intertek Group. Intertek has acquired the assets, contracts, technology and intellectual property of ARL.

The Automotive Research Laboratory provides engine dynamometer, vehicle, durability, fuels, lubricants, transmission, materials, analytical, and fuel system testing services to the automotive and petrochemical industries.

The laboratory, located in San Antonio, Texas, on a 17.7 acre site, is one of the largest independent automotive testing organisations in the world.

ARL encompasses over 148,000 square feet dedicated to performing hundreds of ASTM and industry standard and customised testing procedures. Over ten thousand analytical tests are conducted each month.

ARL’s management team and staff will continue to run the business integrated into Intertek Caleb Brett’s global laboratory network, from which it will further expand and globalise services from the main facility in San Antonio.