Armenia turns to ABB for $10 million power revamp

ABB has today received a $10 million order from the government of Armenia to refurbish the Eastern European country’s power supply system.

ABB today announced it has received a $10 million order from ‘Energyinvest’ PIO SI in Yerewan, Armenia to revamp the Eastern European country’s power supply system.

The scope of the refurbishment project includes the installation of modern ABB technology in four distribution substations within the next twenty months. According to ABB, the project will help Armenia to meet an increasing demand for power and provide a more reliable power supply.

Armenia’s existing 110 and 220 kilovolt networks are said to be no longer capable of meeting present demands for a reliable power supply because they are equipped with outdated switchgear technology.

Consequently, the Armenian Energy Ministry, with international assistance, has been undertaking a series of projects over the past several years to improve the entire power supply system.

The project comprises refurbishment tasks for the four substations that distribute power to the region around the capital city of Yerewan. One of the stations also ties into the nuclear power station ANPP, the largest power producer in Armenia, which generates twice 407.5 MW.

The scope of the modernisation work includes replacing numerous older system components with new equipment. The initial twenty-four month project schedule will be reduced to twenty months by working in parallel on all four substations.

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