Artesis – simplifying predictive maintenance

If you had 3 months’ warning of every major failure in your plant over the past year, how much would you have saved?  For some people, this question triggers thoughts about avoiding expensive process interruptions.  For others, reduced spares costs or secondary damage caused by the original failures.  Many reflect on how they might have been able to reduce their excessive planned maintenance workload.  Common to all however is an agreement that the potential savings from predictive maintenance are very substantial indeed.

So why doesn’t everybody do it?  Despite the fact that reliable predictive maintenance technology has been available for decades, less than 1 percent of the companies that could benefit have used it.  For most people, implementing a predictive maintenance programme through condition monitoring has just been too expensive and complicated to make practical sense.

A new generation of highly-intelligent but simple to use systems is changing the way many people think about predictive maintenance.  The Artesis MCM (Motor Condition Monitor) is a small instrument providing complete predictive maintenance cover for a complete electric motor driven system, including the driven equipment – including pumps, fans, compressors, and conveyors.  Requiring no special sensors, Artesis MCM takes its inputs from the supply cables to the motor and monitors condition using advanced mathematical modelling.  It can be installed in a motor control cabinet in less than an hour, trains itself in a few days, and provides automated diagnosis of a very wide range of faults.

Fault types include electrical problems like insulation or capacitor breakdown, and a wide range of mechanical defects including foundation and coupling looseness, imbalance and misalignment, and bearing and gearbox deterioration.  Operational issues like unusual load variations and cavitation are also identified, as is energy consumption data.  Information is provided to the user through simple, graphical displays that do not require the interpretation of raw signals.  This information can also be distributed as emails, or presented through existing HMI systems.

Although the Artesis system has been successfully deployed on a wide range of equipment, it is particularly suitable for inaccessible or remote machinery.  Typical of such applications are down-hole or submersible pumps, tower fans, and assets located in hazardous areas.

Artesis MCM has proved a very cost-effective solution not only for traditional users of predictive maintenance like the oil & gas and energy industries, but also for those who have passed on previous technologies – utilities, food processing and building services for example.  They can now enjoy the benefits of predictive maintenance with a fraction of the effort and cost of traditional approaches.

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