Arup, Gehry Technologies and CenitDesktop deliver Virtual Building Solution

Digital Project, a next-generation software platform that turns Virtual Building concept into a reality is now available in the UK.

Arup, Gehry Technologies and CenitDesktop deliver VirtualBuilding Solution


Digital Project, a next-generation software platform that turns the VirtualBuilding concept into a reality is now available in the UK. VirtualBuilding, pioneered by Arup and Gehry Technologies, allows design, construction and operational problems to be visualised and solved using computer simulation. CenitDesktop, a leading supplier of collaborative design solutions is partnering with Arup to implement the solution in the UK and drive the VirtualBuilding concept.


VirtualBuilding harnesses powerful simulation technologies to underpin and support the entire construction project lifecycle within a single digital environment. Design, engineering, analysis, fabrication, project management and on site construction activities are all simulated and contained within the solution, enabling effective communication between project teams, fostering a more collaborative working environment and ensuring both design and cost optimisation throughout the entire process.


CenitDesktop, in partnership with Arup and Gehry Technologies will be fully supporting users to ensure that VirtualBuilding realises its full potential in real world applications. With over 16 years experience implementing collaborative design engineering solutions, the company offers  unrivalled expertise and comprehensive support services including installation and system management, application support, training, analysis consulting and productivity consulting.


“Virtual Building is a combination of philosophy and technology that will not only influence the tools we use in the future, but the way in which we conceive, design, construct, operate and ultimately decommission construction projects,” explains Steve Burrows, Director at Arup. “Arup and Gehry Technologies work collaboratively to supply the technology and expertise necessary to lead, manage and deliver the VirtualBuilding process. Our clients are building owners and project teams who have a desire to move beyond the constraints of traditional technology and meet the challenges and trends that the 21st century will supply.”


CenitDesktop CEO, Geoff Haines says: “The technology and experience now exists to turn the VirtualBuilding concept into a reality, and as Gehry Technologies’ representative we are delighted to be able to supply Digital Project to the UK building industry. The collaboration between GT and Arup has the potential to transform the future of construction projects and we will be supporting the rise of VirtualBuilding every step of the way.”

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