AS-i modules smaller and smarter

A new range of space-saving AS-i modules with enhanced functionality has been launched by sensing and control specialist, IFM Electronic.

The new SmartLine range includes slave modules which are just 25mm wide, yet offer four inputs plus four outputs. It also includes the new SmartLogic module, which combines I/O facilities with a user-programmable on-board micro-controller, in a unit which is 50mm wide.

All SmartLine products are intended for mounting within control panels, where they offer significant space savings compared with first generation AS-i products. Addressing facilities are provided on the fronts of the modules, ensuring easy access both before and after the modules are fitted and wired.

SmartLine 25mm-wide modules are available in versions with four inputs plus four outputs, four inputs only, four outputs only, and four inputs plus two relay outputs. A 50mm wide module with four relay outputs will be available shortly. All types incorporate the new A2SI chip which, when used with a version 2.1 master, increases the I/O capacity of each connected 2:1 slave. Full compatibility with earlier AS-i master modules is retained.

SmartLine SmartLogic modules add local control to AS-i systems, and allow pre-processing of, for example, fast pulse inputs. SmartLogic modules, which are 50mm wide, provide four digital inputs and four digital outputs.

The internal micro-controller contained in any SmartLogic module has an 8-kbyte program memory, and is programmed in exactly the same way as a programmable controller, using ladder diagram, function block or instruction list languages. An RS232C interface is available for program downloading and debugging.

In addition to their primary function as intelligent components within AS-i systems, SmartLogic modules may also be used without AS-i conenctions as stand-alone control units.

For versatility, all SmartLine modules from IFM Electronic incorporate Combicon sockets. These can be fitted with plug-in connectors with screw, cage-clamp and insulation-displacement terminals as required. The plug-in arrangement also means that, should it be necessary to change a module, it can be done in seconds, without the use of special tools.

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