At last, data collection module for PowerSHAPE

Delcam has introduced a new design data collection module for its PowerSHAPE CAD system. The module, called PS-Arm, allows point data collected using an inspection arm to be used as the basis for designs.

PS-Arm is aimed at users who wish to capture data from models or prototypes but who do not need all the functionality of sophisticated reverse engineering systems. It can be used with most inspection arms.

The software converts the data collected by the arm in points within PowerSHAPE. These can be used to create simple geometric entities from arcs and lines, or to create complex wireframe geometry. The wireframe can then be converted into surfaces or solids within PowerSHAPE. The resulting CAD model of the product can be used like any other PowerSHAPE model for the generation of tooling designs and cutter paths for machining.

A typical application would be a shoe last. Points can be collected along a series of cross sections along and across the last. These can then be converted into wireframe profiles and finally into a complete surface model within PowerSHAPE.

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