ATK awards BAE Systems sensor contract

BAE Systems has recently been awarded $6 million by ATK Integrated Defense Company, Florida for the first full-rate production of the AN/AAR-47(V) Missile Warning Sensor.

BAE Systems has recently been awarded a $6 million contract from ATK Integrated Defense Company, Clearwater, Florida, for the first full-rate production order of the AN/AAR-47(V) Missile Warning Sensor.

The AN/AAR-47(V)2 is a common-housing, fully integrated missile and laser warning system and will be installed on more than 3,000 US Navy and Air Force helicopters and transport aircraft. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in March 2004.

BAE Systems Integrated Defense Solutions (IDS), Austin, Texas, will provide the laser warning receiver to ATK where the electronics are installed into the missile warning receiver. Laser warning technology alerts aircrews when laser-aided or laser-guided threats are present, allowing them to take appropriate counter actions.

‘BAE Systems is extremely pleased to be teamed with ATK and the US Navy to help lead the way for next generation of missile and laser warning sensors,’ said Evan Corwin, IDS laser warning program manager. ‘The AAR-47(V)2 solution provides our military services a highly affordable and reliable tool to help protect them from missile and laser threats.’

‘The sophisticated sensors ATK will deploy on Navy and Air Force aircraft as part of the AN/AAR-47 system will be an air crew’s best friend,’ said Tom Wilson, president of ATK Missile Systems.

‘ATK sensors are ideally suited for identifying the distinctive plume of surface-to-air missiles, either shoulder or crew-launched, and will give them the maximum time possible to initiate evasive manoeuvres or defensive actions,’ added Wilson.