Atkins goes into Space

WS Atkins has acquired Intelligent Space Partnership Limited from its founding shareholders.

WS Atkins has acquired Intelligent Space Partnership from its founding shareholders.

Intelligent Space, an independent specialist consultancy with 18 staff, provides pedestrian movement advice and analysis to the transport, healthcare and urban development sectors.

According to Atkins, the acquisition strengthens and broadens its service offering in transport planning, urban planning and design, master-planning, and the design of transport interchanges, airports, major events planning and complex buildings.

Atkins is a leading provider of professional, technologically-based consultancy and support services, and is headquartered in Epsom.

Intelligent Space is a London -based consultancy which provides expertise on pedestrian movement and space use. The company’s goal is to help improve public space, minimise social risks and maximise economic benefits using science-based methods to manage pedestrian flow.