Atlas Copco’s AIRConnect remote monitoring for optimum control and management of compressed air systems

In today’s competitive production environment, compressed air system operators not only need reliable equipment, but also a watchful eye to monitor an installation, ready to intervene proactively before a minor malfunction turns into a major problem. So connecting a compressed air system to an online monitoring, measuring and management service not only provides peace of mind but also ensures optimum control and improved productivity.

Atlas Copco’s commitment to providing users with the highest availability and the lowest operational costs in compressed air production is clearly demonstrated by its state-of-the-art suite of local, central and remote monitoring solutions.


AIRConnectTM is a service that links entire compressed air installations to a sophisticated and highly automated 24/7 internet-based monitoring system. It’s designed to handle all monitoring tasks, measuring and managing compressed air systems to help improve productivity and provide increased availability and reliability.


AIRConnectTM offers a status overview and notifications in case of irregularities, analyses reports and immediate response. Equipment status is monitored in real-time – including SPM (shock pulse monitoring) that determines bearing wear as the basis for efficient condition monitoring. Required services are delivered rapidly, breakdowns can be prevented and downtime shortened – the exact tools that are needed to keep operational costs to a minimum.


AirConnectTM features round-the-clock monitoring, with online data and reports that show consumed energy, delivered volume, air pressure, system availability and events. The system provides automatic warning notifications via e-mail, remote diagnosis and efficient service scheduling – interventions based on requirements. All information from installation status to trends and system performance are displayed in a simple, easy-to-understand pictorial way with flow paths and diagrams on a desk top screen.




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