Auto or manual, the gas consumption is low

To complete its calibration range, Theta Systems has added a gas pressure calibrator to its products – a high accuracy device which can be used both in manual and automated calibration systems.

Designed in Britain, the calibrator is portable and accurate with good long term stability, so it makes a good choice for the calibration of pressure gauges, transducers, transmitters and DPIs. In addition, a quick warm up time and wide operating temperature range make the unit tolerant of its working environment.

Low gas consumption can be taken for granted, and there is a wide selection of ranges – eight models up to 70bar or 1,000psi. Standard features include an autostep function for manual calibrations and precision pressure control, with no overshoot.

Serial RS232 and parallel IEEE488 communications come with the package, as does utilities software. There is the possibility of custom calibration software, for those customers who require it.

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