AutoCAD goes electrical

Autodesk’s new AutoCAD Electrical 2004 is the result of the integration of AutoCAD 2004 with the Wiring Diagram products that the company acquired from VIA Development Corporation in March.

AutoCAD Electrical can be used to design or lay-out ladder-style control schematics or point-to-point wiring diagrams. It offers automatic wire numbering and component tagging, automatic project reports, automatic creation of programmable logic controller (PLC) I/O drawings from spreadsheets, and the ability to re-use existing drawings.

The software also includes automatic coil and contact cross-referencing with usage tracking, audit reports that check for design errors, and the ability to build control panels from design information to eliminate missed components.

To foster collaboration, AutoCAD Electrical 2004 enables users to share drawings with customers and vendors as well as track their changes. Users can also publish designs to the web via HTML.

It is available immediately in English and International English from authorised resellers.

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