Autodesk launches AutoCAD 2000

A major new release of AutoCAD introduces powerful new features to foster productivity, teamwork, information access and vertical solutions

Autodesk says its next-generation design software will set new standards in productivity, flexibility and connectivity for design professionals. It adds that AutoCAD 2000 marks a major advance in the way users connect with design information and with their colleagues, and significantly enhances user productivity by delivering innovative features that eliminate key barriers to accessing design data, collaborating with colleagues and connecting users to the outside world.

AutoCAD 2000 provides a range of intelligent design tools to enhance both productivity and creativity. In particular, AutoCAD 2000 takes MDE to a new level. Users can now open, edit and design within multiple drawings in a single session, using familiar and new design tools.

The new release also incorporates the AutoCAD Design Centre – a central repository that enables users to both browse their existing designs and to `mime’ design ideas and content from existing drawings. Also included is the Object Property Manager.

A new AutoSnaps/AutoTracking implementation lets users design and edit without the need for construction lines.

AutoCAD 2000 includes access to files anywhere on the Web, object hyperlinks and electronic plotting.

Autodesk Tel: 01483 462600