Automotive Centre of Excellence formed in Sweden

GETRAG is joining forces with Dana Corporation and Volvo to establish a manufacturing Centre of Excellence specialising in AWD and chassis systems for cars and sport utility vehicles.

Manual transmissions manufacturer, GETRAG announced recently that it will join forces with Dana Corporation and Volvo Car Company to establish an ‘All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) Centre of Excellence’ in a joint venture based in Koping, Sweden.

A joint venture between GETRAG and Dana will own 60 percent of the new entity whilst Volvo Car Corporation will own the remaining 40 percent.

The joint venture will specialise in the production of AWD and chassis systems for cars and sport utility vehicles and will initially produce up to 750,000 power take off units (PTUs) and axle differential assemblies when it begins operating during the second half of 2003.

The new Koping facility will act as a fully independent supplier, integrated within the GETRAG-Group, and will market its services, on a global basis, to Ford Motor Company, including all its affiliates as well as to all other car manufacturers within Europe.

‘Together with Volvo and based upon an agreed upon investment plan, we will transform Koping into the leading full service supplier in the European AWD market place,’ said Tobias Hagenmeyer, CEO of the GETRAG Corporate Group.

Chassis systems, presently manufactured and assembled in the Koping plant for Volvo Cars, will be transferred to the new entity and the entity intends to actively pursue new business from other OEMs.

At the present time the plant in Koping also supplies approximately 150,000 manual transmissions annually to Volvo Cars. Toward the end of 2004, Volvo Cars’ production of manual transmissions will be transferred to GETRAG FORD Transmissions in Cologne, Germany, which is a 50:50 joint venture between Ford and GETRAG.

‘The operations in Koping will be streamlined to create a fully integrated, self-sufficient AWD Centre of Excellence, including RD&E, sales and marketing, purchasing and production of AWD components and assemblies,’ commented Curt Germundsson, Production Director of Volvo Cars.