Automotive industry orders result in record robot sales

The sales of robots for the first two quarters of this year have exceeded all previous full-year sales on record, according to the British Automation and Robot Association, although this has mostly been driven by orders from the automotive sector.

A total of 923 units were sold in the first quarter and in the second quarter this figure rose to 2,000. Automotive and automotive component orders contributed 85 per cent of this figure in the first quarter and 89 per cent in the second quarter.

Mike Wilson, chairman of the British Automation and Robot Association, said: ‘While we welcome to level of robot orders from the automotive sector, largely driven by product demand in global emerging markets, it is a real concern that other sectors are still not understanding the potential implications of not automating.’

He added that countries such as China, Germany and most of the major European manufacturing nations are investing heavily in automation in order to sustain a competitive advantage.