Automsoft software bridges the plant floor – enterprise gap

Automsoft’s Rapid (RealTime Access Plant Information Database) Historian has been designed to provide a database system which, on the plant side, offers the performance required to handle the most demanding process and manufacturing environments (up to a million tags generating up to 25,000 events per second) and on the enterprise side provides entirely open access to data stored in a variety of industry standard formats.

Rapid Historian is intended to be integrator friendly – it runs on industry standard Windows NT4 servers with Windows NT4/95 clients and complies with enterprise-side standards such as SQL, ODBC and ActiveX, as well as with plant level standards such as OPC (OLE for Process Control) and HDA (Historical Data Access). Acting as an OPC client for data access it can connect to and accept data from any OPC compliant server on a network, be it a Scada system, DCS or PLC. As it uses industry standards for database access as well as enterprise level applications (such as planning, scheduling and reporting) it is capable of extracting data directly from its real time object oriented database. Once connected it can browse and automatically import the system’s tag database, removing work at the configuration stage.

Functions include batch tracking, batch to batch analysis, process validation, asset management and preventative maintenance, production and management logging and reporting, audit training, process and plant optimisation and environmental data recording.

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