Aviation’s fuel emissions

Manchester Metropolitan University’s (MMU) Centre for Air Transport and the Environment (CATE) has revealed that airlines are pumping 15 to 20 per cent more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than previously thought.

The joint study by CATE, Qinetiq, Eurocontrol and the US Department of Transport predicts global emissions will reach between 1 billion and 1.4 billion tonnes annually by 2025. The research was conducted on behalf of the government, as part of the UK’s contribution to the International Civil Aviation Organization’s environmental work.

The report concluded that the amount of nitrogen oxide around airports, produced by aircraft engines, will rise from 2.5m tonnes in 2000 to 6.1m tonnes in 2025.

MMU Professor David Lee said: ‘Currently, international aviation is not included in the Kyoto Protocol and if, post-Kyoto, we are to achieve stabilisation of climate at an increase of no more than two degrees Celsius (the EU policy target) it is highly likely that we will have to find ways of reducing aviation’s emissions. Currently they are simply increasing.’