Avoiding the congestion charge

UK road safety technology company Morpheous has developed a system that it says will prevent motorists from unknowingly incurring London’s controversial new Congestion Charge.

Morpheous says that by alerting drivers when they approach the Congestion Charge Zone, the new device, dubbed RoadPilot, will enable them to either find an alternative route or enter the zone and pay the charge.

Using GPS technology, RoadPilot tracks a vehicle’s position and compares it to the known location of all 220 entry points to the Congestion Charge Zone, as well as identifying speed camera locations and providing motorists with other important road safety and journey information. It is totally legal and completely effective.

The easy-to-fit, portable device, provides the driver with a wealth of additional information, including the vehicle’s precise GPS location as well as the position, distance and bearing of any nearby speed cameras.

It is also said to judge the vehicle’s precise speed to a greater accuracy than a standard speedometer.

Driving into the zone for just one minute or for the whole day will result in the same £5 charge – or an £80 fine for non-payment.

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