Award winning

A scientist at YorkUniversity will become the first Briton to be awarded the Luigi Sacconi medal for inorganic chemistry. Professor Robin Perutz from the university’s Department of Chemistry will receive the award at the 36th National Congress of the Division of Inorganic Chemistry at the Italian Chemical Society.

In Prof Perutz’s research, light is used to initiate chemical reactions of compounds containing metals to deduce how they react. This method determines how the metals behave in catalytic processes, leading to the discovery of new types of chemical interactions between metals and organic compounds.

Prof Perutz said: ‘It’s very exciting and a great honour to be given this award. The medal recognises not only my own research but also the hard work and dedication of my research group and my collaborators, without whom none of it would be possible.’

The medal is named after Luigi Sacconi, a twentieth-century chemist who published world-leading research into magnetism and spectroscopy.