AWM pledges £30m for West Bromwich

Advantage West Midlands (AWM) has pledged £30m to help transform West Bromwich town centre’s business district and hopes to generate over £300m in private investment.

RegenCo, the urban regeneration company for West Bromwich is to purchase SandwellCollege’s high street campus to act as a catalyst for further regeneration. AWM will lease the site back to the college until the NewSandwellCollege in

Spon Lane
is complete in 2011.

AWM’s chief executive Mick Laverty said: ‘We have ambitious plans to revitalise West Bromwich. This is an opportunity to combine the best of the old Victorian architecture with new public space and high quality modern buildings for both office and residential uses.’

‘The new schemes will create many new opportunities for employers, residents and investors, helping to give the economy of the area a visible boost.’

West Bromwich East councilor Tom Watson added: ‘We need to ensure that the town centre regains its place as an attractive focal point for the whole community and the new college will help achieve this aim.’

Work is due to start on the £80m college this year to replace the current facilities in Smethwick, Oldbury and West Bromwich and will have over 10,000 students.

The development is in accord with the 30-year vision for West Bromwich, which proposes 325,000m2 of office development before 2031.