Axeon and Ricardo to provide battery pack for hybrid car

Axeon and Ricardo are to supply and integrate an advanced, lightweight battery pack for a new plug-in hybrid vehicle from an unnamed automotive manufacturer.

The plug-in hybrid vehicle, from an established European brand, will feature an advanced, bespoke Axeon battery system that incorporates advanced nanophosphate lithium iron cells from Massachusetts-based A123 Systems.

The team’s technology package will include an ultra-lightweight, liquid-cooled battery pack and a development of Ricardo’s battery management system incorporating active cell balancing.

Ricardo will engineer the pack, comprising all aspects of the mechanical, electrical/electronic hardware and software, including thermal design considerations and safety.

Axeon will subsequently assume full responsibility for a full test and validation programme, production and supply.

‘This car will transform thinking about hybrid cars in every area, especially performance,’ said Lawrence Berns, chief executive officer of Axeon. ‘Our technology will play a key role, underlining our prowess in this competitive field and showing that hybrids can also offer significant advances to performance as well as environmental benefits.’