Baan sets up CRM wing with patents in place

Baan Company has announced the formation of a new subsidiary dedicated to the provision of e-business applications based on the fast growing Internet Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM) market. The launch is designed to accelerate Baan’s delivery of Internet enabled applications, open new markets and migrate Baan’s core business to an Internet-based model.

The new Customer Relationship Management company will focus on supporting e-enabled business processes across the commerce chain. Baan’s Chief Executive, Pierre Everaert, said: “The Internet is driving the transition from a market aggregation approach where every customer is pretty much the same, to smaller groups, and ultimately to one-to-one marketing. This new approach requires that companies design thoughtful customer relationship strategies and then back those strategies up with powerful systems that support customer interaction through a variety of channels.”

Baan will consolidate all current Customer Relationship Management activities and resources including technology enabled selling, Internet selling applications, Internet pricing and sales configuration into a single entity and will use the global network of Baan partners and consultants as well as the Baan sales force and will co-operate with e-marketplace companies and other partners.

Following this announcement the Baan Company have also announced that it has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for Internet and network communications technology that delivers benefits to users of its e-CRM and e-Enterprise business to business e-commerce solutions. The patent describes asynchronous network and thin client communications technology that enables sequential product configuration steps to be validated against a rule based model running on an application server. Exploiting the patent will enable Baan to integrate the demand creation e-CRM domain with its e-fulfilment domain of ERP and supply chain solutions.

This is the second patent Baan has been granted in the area of configuration technology and applications for the protection of the patent are pending in other countries. There are currently four patents pending, a company statement claimed.

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