Baan uses Windows 2000 for enterprise Internet-enabling

Baan Company has announced its new BaanERP 5.0c software which they claim, in conjunction with Microsoft Windows 2000, will provide customers with a mechanism for the Internet enabling of their enterprise by using its integrated web application services, increased scalability and security systems to manage mission critical business processes. Baan has demonstrated its continued relationship with Microsoft as BaanERP 5.0c is one of the first enterprise class applications to be directly enabled on the Microsoft Windows 2000 OS.

Deborah Willingham, Microsoft’s Vice President, Windows Marketing said “By leveraging the capabilities of Windows 2000 Baan provides customers with an end to end solution that e-enables the complete enterprise from front office to supply chain to Enterprise resource Planning (ERP)” and added “Microsoft is excited that Baan is committed to developing solutions for the Windows 2000 platform to quickly bring valuable new enterprise solutions to our joint customers.”

Specific benefits claimed include:

* Easier setup and installation as Baan plans to adopt the Microsoft Software Installer (MSI) client technology, which will enable customers to lower the enterprise implementation costs via reduced client system administration and an auto repair feature.

* Security features of Windows 2000 allow access to all authorised network resources with a single authentication when users first access the network. This improves user productivity, reduces the cost of operating the network and improves network security.

* Management is improved by a new snap in enabling an integrated and simplified management structure for Baan environments from within the Microsoft Management Console.

* Client configuration will be easier and costs reduced as Baan environments will be defined in the Active Directory services.

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