Backplane control

Omron has added to its motion control systems with the introduction of the PLC-mounting MC402 motion control module.

Designed to clip onto the backplane of Omron’s C200H range of PLCs, the MC402 aims to provide a fully integrated machine control solution to motion control.

Omron believes that connecting the module to the backplane of the PLC will significantly increase bus communications in comparison to standard serial links.

This in turn is intended to allow associated systems to read and react to real time data.

The motion control card is also able to react to external data in real time allowing the speed or position to be varied accurately and according to events down or upstream.

The MC402 boasts an array of features such as 16 built-in 24V, opto-isolated digital inputs, and 8 opto-isolated digital outputs.

Omron also claims that, as a fully featured motion controller, the module provides circular, helical and linear interpolation, CAM profiles, speed control, electronic gearbox functions and print registration capabilities.

The MC402 has been designed specifically to be configured and programmed using a dedicated PC utilising BASIC instructions and then set to run as a standalone unit.

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