BAE on target

BAE Systems has delivered target detection systems to the US Army for use on Shadow unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

According to BAE Systems, the Aurora Generation IV remote sensing system is an ultra-lightweight, compact, wide-area surveillance system. It combines daytime hyperspectral imaging technology, featuring high-resolution electro-optic sensors, with an airborne processing system to automatically detect and identify targets

BAE Systems believe the system will provide US forces with precise detection and identification of potential threats, increasing mission capability and survivability.

The system is designed to meet tactical needs of unmanned aircraft with highly efficient onboard processing that minimises bandwidth requirements. Aurora has a real-time processing capability to search for targets and immediately downlink location results to ground operators for rapid delivery into intelligence databases.

Aurora is the first system that puts hyperspectral technology in operational use for US forces,’ said John Antoniades, director of remote sensing technologies for BAE Systems. ‘This is important because the combination of hyperspectral and electro-optic technology offers an objective tool to detect and identify targets, relieving the stress on operators who are constantly watching video imagery.’