BAE Systems awarded $110 million controls contract

BAE Systems has received $110 million from Boeing to produce flight controls and mission subsystems for 60 C-17 Globemaster III aircraft currently on order with the US Air Force.

BAE Systems Platform Solutions has received a $110 million contract from Boeing Integrated Defence Systems for flight controls, mission subsystems, and other electronic subsystems for US Air Force C-17 Globemaster III aircraft.

Over the next four years, BAE Systems will deliver the Electronic Flight Control subsystem, a fly-by-wire system that includes the aircraft’s autopilot function; and the Mission and Display Processing subsystem, which includes the central mission computer that manages the airplane’s avionics and digital navigation system. It also manages the Video Integrated Processor, a high-speed computer that supports the vehicle’s tactical terrain warning system.

BAE Systems will also deliver Loadmaster and Cargo Delivery subsystems, which handle control and dispersion of cargo, both in flight and on the ground; and Vehicle Management Utilities subsystems, which detect, control, and provide crew interfaces for the plane’s environmental, electrical, hydraulic, auxiliary power, fuel, and other systems.

Today’s order calls for BAE Systems to incorporate several updates designed to add functionality to the C-17. The current contract will supply the 60 aircraft Boeing is producing for the Air Force through to 2008.

‘As a long-time supplier of C-17 avionics, BAE Systems is extremely proud of the role we play in the success of this highly capable aircraft,’ commented Mike Austill, vice president Aerospace Controls for BAE Systems Platform Solutions. ‘We are pleased again to have earned Boeing’s confidence in receiving this major contract.’

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