BAE Systems awarded $9 million F-15k IFF contract

BAE Systems has recently received initial funding from Boeing to produce advanced Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) systems for the Republic of Korea’s new F-15K fighter aircraft.

Under the contract with Boeing, valued at more than $9 million, BAE Systems Advanced Systems business unit will develop and build as many as 40 AN/APX-113 Combined Interrogator Transponder (CIT) systems plus spares, and provide associated data and units for lab testing.

According to BAE Systems, the IFF transponders allow the military to rapidly identify its own friendly aircraft from enemy or potentially hostile aircraft.

Advanced Systems’ family of Combined Interrogator Transponders includes the AN/APX-111 now operational on F/A-18 C/D/E/F aircraft, and the AN/APX-113 which is used primarily on US and allied F-16s.

Both the AN/APX-111 and 113 are third-generation systems, enabling the user to upgrade to new IFF capabilities such as Mode 5 using plug-in modules and updated software loads. This feature potentially allows aircraft operators to upgrade their IFF systems on site instead of returning the units to the factory for modification.

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