BAE Systems signs navy contract

BAE Systems and Raytheon have formed a team to pursue opportunities under the Distributed Common Ground System-Navy (DCGS-N) program. The system will share and disseminate intelligence data from a variety of network-centric sources.

The DCGS-N Enterprise Team, consisting of DCGS experts from BAE Systems and Raytheon, will design and demonstrate a Web-based intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and targeting capability to support naval operations and other US government agencies, military services, and US allies for a range of missions.

The team also will research and offer suggestions on how best to transition these functions into the baseline DCGS-N program.

DCGS-N, in combination with the DCGS Integration Backbone, will provide the network-centric operations backbone for the US Navy and for the actionable and timely distribution of ISR data, processes, and systems.

Separately, a BAE Systems-led team will develop a mission planning capability to more effectively deploy US Marines and amphibious fleets to crisis centres around the world.

The BAE Systems team, which also includes L-3 Communications and Moebius Solutions, will develop a distributed Expeditionary Operations Planning (EOP) software architecture for the US Marine Corps.

The software will automate the Marines’ rapid-response planning process to increase the effectiveness of the service’s Expeditionary Strike Group. Expeditionary Strike Groups are a mix of amphibious assault vehicles and Marines that provide highly mobile, self-sustaining forces for a wide variety of military missions.

The EOP contract was awarded under a Mission Planning Enterprise Contract managed by the US Air Force.

EOP will work within the Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS) framework. JMPS is a cooperative software development effort between the air force and navy to centralise mission planning across military branches.