Ballscrews run with reduced vibration

The new design of NSK-RHP’s S1 series ball screws and linear guides employs engineering plastic retainers which eliminate direct ball to ball contact. This results in lower noise and vibration, and smoother and more stable running at low speeds. According to the company the ballscrews also offer up to 50% higher dynamic load capacity compared to those that employ spacer balls.

Tests have shown that the S1 design provides 60% greater stiffness than ballscrews which use spacer balls, and only 5% less stiffness than designs which have a full complement of large balls and, therefore, commensurately higher levels of friction.

The design also offers optimised performance in terms of load capacities. Static load rating is 80% higher and dynamic load capacity 50% higher than designs using balls as spacers.

The series also reportedly reduces noise by as much as 7dB when compared to other designs.

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