Baltic wind farm reaches milestone

The order marks the first milestone in implementing EnBW Baltic 2, Germany’s second commercial offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea.

With its 80 wind turbines, each rated at 3.6MW, EnBW Baltic 2 will have a total capacity of 288MW.

Formerly known as Kriegers Flak, EnBW Baltic 2 will be located about 32km north of Rugen island in the western Baltic and will cover an area of around 27km2.

First maritime civil works are scheduled to commence in early 2012, with the wind farm to come on line in 2013.

EnBW is planning to build a total of four offshore wind farms with a combined capacity of about 1,200MW in the Baltic and the North Sea.

Siemens claims that the wind farms will generate enough electricity annually for around 340,000 homes and reduce CO2 emissions by 900,000 tons.