Barr-Pliva sugars pill for BioProgress

Specialty pharmaceutical and healthcare company BioProgress has entered into partnership with Barr-Pliva UK to promote products using its TabWrap system.

TabWrap is an innovative method of dry coating novel tablet cores, a technology Cambridge-based BioProgress initially developed for the analgesics market. According to the company, the total worldwide value of the products could be over £53m.

Graham Fraser-Pye, managing director of Barr-Pliva UK, said ‘We are pleased to be working with BioProgress with products where we can offer our considerable sales and marketing skill base. We see this as a long term working relationship with the opportunity for multiple products.’

Steve Martin, Chief Development Officer, BioProgress said: ‘The agreement with Barr-Pliva is an important step once again demonstrating the commercial value of TabWrap with a confirmed product. The relationship is strong and we expect to enhance our relationship over the coming months with additional products and technologies.’