BASF’s catalyst for energy research

BASF Catalysis Research has awarded a $600,000, three-year research programme to the Earth and Environmental Engineering Department of Columbia University for graduate and post-doctoral studies in renewable energy.

The award will support the research of four Columbia students who are also exploring pollution control methods and catalysts for the hydrogen economy.

‘The programme is directed towards green/sustainable technology and pollution abatement,’ said BASF scientist Robert Farrauto. ‘Environmental technologies are a significant portion of BASF’s business, especially as they relate to emissions reduction from autos, trucks, buses and other vehicles and devices powered by internal combustion engines.

‘The hydrogen economy and fuel cells also hold great promise for decreasing our need for fossil fuels.’

Student researchers will have the opportunity to interact with scientists at BASF Catalysis Research Centres in Iselin, New Jersey and Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Potential research topics include ‘Catalytic Reforming of Biofuels to Hydrogen’, ‘Conversion of Greenhouse Gases to Useful Chemicals and Fuels,’ and ‘Catalytic Issues Related to Pollution Abatement from Diesel Combustion Engines’.