Batteries for Earth 2000 cars

The Spice Girls are big, the Teletubbies even bigger, but in the second half of 1999 everyone will be talking about Earth 2000. Unfortunately we are sworn secrecy so we can’t say too much about it save that you’ll be glued to your telly week after week and that they’ll be using some brilliant technology and gadgets. Above, in front of one of the Earth 2000 vehicles, the editor of Design Engineering (the one in the skirt) lines up with Paul McBride of the Earth 2000 Project (far right), Darren Housden, publicity manager of CMP Batteries Standby Division (left) and one of his henchmen (far left). CMP Batteries have provided batteries for the Earth 2000 cars and you can read all about that and the rest of the car’s innovative design features in next month’s Design Engineering.