Battery connector goes mobile

AVX Corporation has unveiled the newest addition to its family of SMT battery connectors, specifically designed with an ultra-low profile for mobile applications.

AVX’s 9155 Series connectors feature a contact beam static height of 2.45mm, offering almost a 50% savings in “Z” axis height as compared to existing commercial connectors.

The initial ultra-low profile connector is available in three contact positions and spaced on 2.5mm centres. Once fully deflected, the compressed height reduces to 1.3mm above the board. All contacts are stamped and rated to 3A.

AVX say that the long sweeping design of the contact assures smooth, redundant deflection of the contact beam while providing a full body width SMT attachment to the PCB for mechanical stability.

The 9155 Series connectors are supplied in tape and reel for automatic placement and feature gold plated contacts and high temperature insulator material for compatibility with either convection or IR reflow soldering processes.

The new connector has an integral end stop to aid in either radial (angular) or slide-in (horizontal) battery engagement.

Custom specifications are also available to suit nearly any application. Typical applications for these battery connectors include mobile phones, PDAs, medical, PMR and industrial systems.

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