Be a winner at the MIAAs

Last month you were warned, this month we want you to take some positive action. We know that you are all out there hiding your lights under buschells. But the time for buschells (what is a buschell?) is over.

Design Engineering is on the look out for products that could win our Design Product of the year category in the Manufacturing Industry Achievement Awards. This award recognises new products which can contribute in a tangible way to more effective design in the UK manufacturing industry.

We are also coordinating the Automotive and Aerospace Industries Award which recognises the most innovative application of technology or equipment by a manufacturer in the automotive or aerospace industries.

We see dozens of great products and technologies every year so we know that they’re out there. It is very simple enter and if you win you join the ranks of company’s such as Jaguar and the Rover Group. If you are a smaller company don’t be put off; in this game size does not matter as many of our previous winners have come from small privately owned companies as they have from the large household names.

It is very easy to enter and winners receive their awards at a Gala Award ceremony held at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London.

Send now for your application form remember if you don’t enter, you can’t win.

To get the ball rolling, call Simon Bright on 0171 861 6160.