Be proud of Galileo

I cannot agree with Paul Robinson (Letters, 13 February) about our money being best allocated and used here in the UK.

Most of the projects and research being carried out today are far too costly to be funded by one country. The UK government’s record in this field is far from exemplary.

Paul Robinson’s disagreement with the Galileo project is also, seemingly, based on little knowledge, spiced with a large degree of Europhobia.

Anyone who has used the GPS (US) system will have been impressed with its accuracy and dismayed by its patchy service especially in towns. The European version, with 30 satellites and operating with a higher signal output, should be a dramatic improvement over the ageing US system, which is prone to military-driven inaccuracy and control.

Indeed, many European countries’ intention to charge traffic for distance driven could not operate with the current system.

Mr Robinson should be proud of it anyway — the UK‘s input to the Galileo system is high, with the first satellite being built in this country.

J Murgatroyd,