Conventional steel backed PTFE bearings impose limitations on the type of shaft that can be used. New aspects of design have been opened up with the introduction of igus Hi-tech polymer sliding bearings. Even non-hardened `soft’ shafts have yield satisfactory results, it is claimed, when used in conjunction with these bearings.

These plain bearings have a solid lubricant embedded throughout the whole wall thickness of the bearing. Other claimed characteristics are excellent chemical resistance, quiet running, light weight and small size.

Suitable bearings are designed or selected from the existing product range based on the applied load and speed (pV value), the working temperature, type of motion and the type of shaft material specified. The standard range include bearings that can withstand loads up to 150Nmm2 at speeds from 0.1rpm to 5000rpm and temperatures from -100 degreesC to +320 degreesC.

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