Bentley ‘is achieving flex-fuel targets’ but demand is limited

Bentley has said that is achieving its flex-fuel targets but that demand is being restricted by a poor infrastructure for E85 bio-ethanol.

Engineering chief Ulrich Eichorn said that by next year all Bentley models and engines will have bio-fuel capability, while the company will also hit its 15 per cent CO2 reduction target across its whole fleet.

Eichorn said: ‘Those customers who already have cars with flex-fuel capability are very pleased with them and are reporting slightly more responsiveness from the engines.

‘Demand has been limited by the availability of bio-ethanol in many countries. Some, such as Germany, Brazil, Sweden and the US mid-west, have a good infrastructure, but elsewhere it is much less easy to find.

‘We need the fuel industry and the politicians to push things through more quickly but we are too small to lobby for that.’