Berkley aims for Scottish success

Glasgow-based high performance production management software company Berkeley Myles Solutions is looking to increase business in Scotland

Glasgow-based high performance production management software company Berkeley Myles Solutions is looking to increase business in Scotland following success south of the border.

The company’s high performance production management software solution is used by a number of suppliers and high-profile companies but has more users in England and Wales than in Scotland.

Current users of ProgressPlus include Millbrook Precision, based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, who saw turnover increase by 18 per cent and profits increase by 28 per cent. Southampton’s Williams & Co have seen turnover increase by 40 per cent and profits rise by 60 per cent.

Director of Berkeley Myles Solutions, Tony MacBride, said: ‘Over the years, we’ve grown well and been invited into a number of markets on the back of how well ProgressPlus works as a production control software solution, but we seem to have done even better south of the border than north.

‘That’s something that I would like to change and see us being as successful on both sides of the border because there are enough industries here – we are strong in aerospace, defence, food, medical, motorsport, and oil and gas – and they all have a need for fast, accurate access to information that lets companies track, manage and develop every aspect of their manufacturing process.

‘Every one of those industries is represented in Scotland and we look forward to talking with them to show the quality of ProgressPlus and the benefits that it offers.

‘Of course this doesn’t mean we’re abandoning the south. Far from it. This has been an incredible year for us and our teams will continue to be across the country showing why ProgressPlus is the only true option for companies serious about their production control.’