Better than standard silicone pads, mica or grease

Low cost thermal interface material is 85% more efficiently than standard silicone pads.

Warth has released CM20, a low cost thermal interface material that is said to provide thermal conduction between component and heatsink up to 85% more efficiently than standard silicone pads, or mica and grease solutions.

Constructed from compressed graphite layers, CM20 is 200µm thick and the 98% graphite base is said to give it thermal resistance of 0.07°C/W (inch2). The product is also less expensive than silicone elastomer and oxide based fillers.

The electrically conductive nature of the graphite means that CM20 would generally be used under components or devices where electrical isolation is not an issue but high thermal dissipation is required.

An adhesive backing can be applied to the pads to aid assembly and securely locate the interface material onto a component. It can be cut to any custom or standard profile and a range of over 150 common device profiles is available immediately.

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