BGA reed relay

Coto Technology has introduced what it claims to be the first four independent channel, form-A, planar BGA reed relay.

Unlike Coto’s B10, B40 and other high-performance RF reed relay products, no slot or hole in the PC board is required to mount the B41 series device – a feature which simplifies the design of multi-layer boards.

Coto’s new, patented technology also allows for shorter RF paths in a controlled 50 ohm environment to minimise signal attenuation.

Each channel has an RF insertion loss (-3dB roll-off point) of greater than 8 GHz. A combination of coaxial and magnetic shielding reduces adjacent closed inter-channel RF crosstalk to -40dB at 1 GHz test signal and magnetic interaction between channels is reduced to less than 16%.

Applications include Mixed Signal & IC Testers where the B41’s package density and RF performance are particularly important. BGA packaging, with JEDEC standard dimensions, allows B41 relays to be easily installed on PC boards designed for surface mount processing using either manual or automated pick-and-place techniques.

The 1K price for B41 is $62.15 (~$15/channel) and delivery is stock to 6 weeks.

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