Bi directional sensor simmering

Integration of additional sensor function allows seal to identify inflow of water Simmerring with Bidirectional Condition Monitoring

Since its introduction two years ago, the MSS Simmerring radial shaft seal with condition monitoring from Simrit has already saved the “lives” of numerous machines and has also helped sustainably reduce maintenance costs. If the outstanding sealing function of the sealing lip on the oil side should fail as a result of damage or because the seal has reached the end of its natural service life, any oil that leaks into the gap is absorbed by an absorbent sheet of special nonwoven. An optical sensor that is integrated into the sealing system identifies any oil contamination of the nonwoven as a result of wear and generates an electronic signal. The sensor signal is analysed with the help of a programmable evaluation unit and a message that the seal is not working properly is automatically sent.


In this way, the MSS Simmerring with condition monitoring ensures that the seal is only replaced when it really has to be and helps avoid damage to the machine caused, for example, by metal particles in the lubricant, overheating caused by poor design, badly processed shafts, or dirt from outside permanently damaging the sealing lip.


An innovation that made its appearance for the first time at the 2007 Hanover Fair is the radial shaft seal with bidirectional condition monitoring, the Simmerring MSS WP, which is capable of identifying water leaks. This Simmerring provides a warning that water is seeping in. A second sealing lip prevents such leaks damaging either the engine or the gears. This means that it is possible to economically monitor the performance of seals in construction and agricultural machinery that operate in water. This bidirectional condition monitoring function can be integrated into a wide variety of Simmerring types. All that is needed is an installation area that is 2 mm bigger in axial direction than the standard installation area.


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