Big? It’s absolutely enormous!

Maxtor Corporation has announced DiamondMax 536DX: the highest capacity ATA drive on the market, it can store a whopping 100GBytes.

Maxtor Corporation has announced new additions to its DiamondMax family of 5400 RPM hard drives.

The DiamondMax D540X is a 40 GB per platter drive and the DiamondMax 536DX is the highest capacity ATA drive on the market at 100 GB. The drives are in volume production, and qualifications by major PC OEMs are nearly complete.

Offered in capacities from 20 GB to 100 GB, the DiamondMax family provides solutions for a range of storage-intensive applications such as personal computers (PCs), consumer electronics (CE) and network attached storage (NAS) systems. At its peak capacity -100 GB – the drive can store 100 hours of compressed digital video or can load up to 25,000 four-minute MP3 files.

All DiamondMax products feature the Ultra ATA/100 interface, a 2MB buffer, and a data and shock protection system.

‘An increasing number of users are editing home videos on their desktop computers. This is one of the most storage-hungry consumer applications,’ said Dave Reinsel, analyst at IDC.

‘Maxtor’s 100GB solution not only satisfies the needs of this storage-intensive segment, but also provides ample capacity for downloading the Internet’s media-rich content such as music video files, and operating advanced consumer audio/video (AV) applications.’

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