Biggest performer in the north east

A pre-fabricated plant room designed by SES was recently craned into place at Newcastle’s new city library after being delivered by low-loader.

At 9m long, 7m wide and 3m tall, it is the eighth and largest pre-fabricated plant room that SES’s north east office has designed within the past 18 months. According to operations director Steve Joyce it will save nearly 2000 man-hours on the site.

‘On this occasion in addition to considering the functions the plant room must perform – we also had to take into account the city centre location and the positioning of the plant room on the building’s seventh floor, which presented its own challenges,’ said Joyce. ‘These were overcome by use of a low loader to deliver the unit and the site tower crane to lift it into position, ready for connection.’

Hot water for the building will be assisted by the use of solar energy and a low energy cooled beam system will heat and cool internal spaces.

The library is being built in partnership with Newcastle City Council and Kajima Newcastle Libraries and the main contractor is Tolent Construction. Work for SES on the City Library is due to complete in 2009.