Biochemicals partnership forged

Biochemicals manufacturer Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB) will have access to specialist expertise at Newcastle University after the two signed a six-month partnership agreement.

The agreement, under the Collaborative Innovative Partnership (CIP) scheme, will see the Billingham-based company work with Newcastle’s Institute of Cellular Medicine, a centre of excellence in key biomedical fields.

CRB said the link with Newcastle would give it access to techniques that it may be able to transfer into the development of new products for researchers in the life sciences.

‘We are experts in the chemistry of our products and services, but want to better understand how our existing products are applied from a biologist’s perspective,’ said CRB commercial director Emily Humphrys.

The Institute of Cellular Medicine contains expertise in the use of antibodies in medical research, and particularly in the use of automated microscopy for the discovery of new drug targets.

Newcastle was the first UK university to invest in a new type of microscope that allows it to carry out a technique called High Content Analysis, which can speed up research and is becoming widely adopted by the pharmaceutical industry.

CRB is a major producer of specialist biochemicals, and has links with industry giants such as GE Healthcare and AstraZeneca.