Bioenergy centre for Aston

Aston University is launching a pioneering establishment to coordinate international studies into all aspects of bioenergy, from basic research through to industrial deployment.

The European Bioenergy Research Institute will carry out activities including fundamental and applied research; analytical and test services for companies; consultancy for companies and governments; assessment of biomass conversion opportunities; plus training courses for industry, researchers and policy and decision makers. The institute will also develop and operate a demonstration scale CHP (combined heat and power) plant to be used for research and training and for industry to assess the feasibility of using different types of biomass in an advanced plant.

The EBRI, led by Prof Andreas Hornung, aims to promote and manage the implementation of bioenergy technologies at a local, national and European level. It will also provide operational and test facilities for industry and provide heat and power to the local Aston Science Park.

The EBRI’s activities and complementary research at Aston University will integrate the work of local and national universities and act a focus for pan-European activities on scientific and technological aspects of biomass production, conversion and utilisation of products used for renewable power, heat, transport fuels and chemicals.