Biotechnology boost for Newcastle

Korean biotechnology company RNL Bio has opened its European operation at Newcastle University to develop its stem cell research programme.

RNL Bio specialises in stem cell research and develops therapeutic products and regenerative medicine. The firm currently employs around 85 members of staff and has been brought to the north east following a joint venture between One NorthEast, the North East Stem England Cell Institute (NESCI) and life science centre Cels.

RNL Bio has signed an initial 12 month tenancy agreement for a unit at Cels’ bio-incubator at Newcastle University’s Medical School. The move is set to create three jobs in the sector in the coming weeks and aims to create around 14 new roles in the future.

The firm will use its Newcastle base to develop stem cell therapy products for diseases by isolating and culturing stem cells derived from a range of sources. It is also funding research projects in NESCI laboratories.