Bit between the hypoid teeth

ZF Great Britain’s WT series gearheads are said to mount to any commercial servomotor and offer a choice of 8 integer ratios in the range of 3:1 to 15:1.

The WT’s compact design is attributed to hypoid teeth which permit high ratios in a bevel gear system.

Parameter optimised for greater strength, the hypoid gears keep inertia output torque to a minimum and ensure maximum torque transmission from the gearhead, together with minimal levels of backlash.

The latter is said to be as low as 4 arc-minutes on some larger units and can be reduced further still to 2.0 arc minutes as an optional extra.

ZF Great Britain provide lifetime lubrication which is said to negate the need for maintenance during its life span.

ZF Great Britain add that the WT series of gearheads are suited to precision motion tasks in packaging, materials handling, semiconductor manufacturing and many more.

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