BIT boosts performance

Oxfordshire-based Optical Filters has improved its on-time delivery performance by 18 per cent, saving £157,500, following guidance from the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) South East.

The company agreed that a number of employees would undergo a Business Improvement Technique (BIT) NVQ programme and basic training on lean manufacturing to ensure continued improvement.

To build upon the BIT NVQ experience it sought the help and advice of MAS South East for on-going support prior, during and after the programme.

A MAS South East specialist delivered a one-day lean awareness session with BIT participants and other non-BIT colleagues. The specialist spent a further two days process mapping and identifying wastes within Optical Filters’ business, focussing on processes in areas such as sales order, kitting and glass cutting.

Benefits of the programme also include a 13 per cent improvement on productivity, which results in a saving of over £9,300 and a 12 per cent reduction in scrap or defect material, resulting in a saving of over £7,000.