Blood sucker

With doner blood in increasingly short supply, recycling the patient’s own blood during surgery has become a viable alternative with the BloodStream Recovery System designed by Harvest Technologies.

BloodStream features SmartSuction – a technology that controls the vacuum at very low levels to avoid damaging blood cells, yet permits rapid clearance of the surgical field. An important component of the BloodStream System is a clear plastic chamber moulded from Eastar MN100 copolyester that not only contains the evacuated blood but also acts as a mechanical component of the peristaltic pump that controls blood movement through the system.

Eastar MN100 copolyester is marketed globally by Eastman Chemical Company and was chosen for the plastic chamber because of its clarity toughness, blood compatibility and environmental friendliness when incinerated. BloodStream designer Wes Verkaart says, `Because the plastic chamber is a mechanical component and a container, it needs to be able to withstand repeated stress. It also needs to retain its clarity and not yellow after sterilization with either gamma radiation or ethylene oxide.’

The plastic chamber is eventually incinerated so environmental considerations were also important.

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