Bluetooth for under $4

The new Texas Instruments BRF6100 is claimed to be the first single-chip Bluetooth solution to integrate a digital Radio Frequency processor and Bluetooth baseband on one chip.

Primarily targeted at the cellular phone market, Texas Instruments’ new BRF6100 offers a Bluetooth baseband, digital RF and antenna switch, all in a 6mm x 6mm package.

It requires only five external components plus decoupling capacitors to complete a Bluetooth design.

This offers mobile handset designers the ability to add Bluetooth functionality in a space of less than 90 square millimetres – an important benefit in the mobile phone environment where features are fighting for space on the circuit board and minimal size is essential.

What is more, TI claims that the total system cost of integrating the new device into a cell phone is expected to be below $4.

The BRF6100 is expected to be available for sampling in September 2002. Volume production is scheduled for the first quarter of 2003.

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